Santa Cruz Gives!

Learn About Our Big Idea: Empowerment Financial Education for Homeless Families with Children

The Big Idea

Funds from Santa Cruz Gives! will support our financial consultation and workshops, which enable client families to save up to 90 percent of their income. Financial training and savings assist adults to transition to successful employment, independent housing, and a self-sufficient lifestyle with their children. One-on-one financial consciousness training and reconciliation meetings are conducted monthly with each family. Monthly, without exception, 100 percent of PVSS families submit all sources of income and all receipts for their expenses.

PVSS recognizes that the solution to homelessness lies beyond shelter—in identification of barriers and all-encompassing intervention. To break the cycle of homelessness, each year 80 families in PVSS programs develop self-sufficiency skills through intensive case management services and more than 40 workshops in areas such as emotional stability, domestic violence, banking and budgeting, family and cultural rituals, house maintenance, and nutrition.

Your support is key to empowering these families.

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