Transitional Housing and Long Term Support Housing for Homeless Families

The Transitional Housing Program consists of thirteen housing units for homeless families. The maximum allowable stay in the Transitional Housing Program is 24 months which provides time for families to stabilize and also enables many homeless families to be helped over time.

During their residency in the Transitional Housing Program, previously homeless families receive intensive case management as well as training in areas such as budgeting, job and parenting skills and methods to find and keep stable housing. Similar to the Emergency Shelter Program, there is a “tough love” strategy in place.

Transitional Housing Program families also sign a contract to abide by strict program requirements. Each family member over the age of 18 develops a written individual life plan with their case manager. Residents are required to set goals and save money. Non-compliance with program requirements can result in termination of the program contract. To date, PV Shelter Services is proud to say that 85-90% of the families in this program find stable housing again and numerous families have even become homeowners.

In 2009, PV Shelter Services began a Longer Term Supportive Housing Program with four housing units. This program provides housing, and support services as needed, to families who are making progress toward stability but need more time to build their resources and skills. Residents in these units are supported with Section 8 funding which permits PV Shelter Services to charge market rent.

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