Ending Homelessness

By Building The Skills for Self-Sufficiency
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Commitment. Empowerment. Transformation.

Helping women, children, and families end the causes and cycles of homelessness – one family at a time.

It was an eye-opener to see how strong I can be: financially and disciplinarily. My children can count on me because I have broken the cycle. 

– Jessica, 2017 PVSS Mother

Transitional Housing


The Transitional Housing Program consists of fifteen housing units for homeless families. The maximum allowable stay in the Transitional Housing Program is 24 months which provides time for families to stabilize and also enables many homeless families to be helped over time.

Emergency Shelter


The Emergency Shelter is open 24 hours a day and families may reside in the Shelter for a maximum of three months. The Shelter’s current capacity is thirty women and children who are generally referred to PV Shelter Services by other social service agencies, schools, civic and/or religious organizations.

Case Management


The majority of our clients are Latino/Hispanic (approximately 80-90%) and many do not speak English. Most resident families can be classified as “severely poor,” defined as those families whose income is less than one-half the federal poverty threshold.